Wednesday, August 29, 2007

You All Run Faster Than Me!

It seems that I have been caught next to the maple tree. I’m heaving for air. I’m now “It.” I’m tagged! Oh dear!

Rolando has snuck away from his home over at R Playground, crept into my neighborhood, and tagged me! Now, I obey the rules of the game. I wouldn’t want to be one of those “spoilsports.” I don’t think I could stand the taunting from the other bloggers.

The following are my Seven P’s:

My Passion: Forged in steel and set in frigid ink, my passion is definitely writing. Writing, a metaphorical lifeline, has been a part of my life since childhood. Compounded with an ardor for literature, I have come to realize that my life would not be complete unless a quill is always poised within my narrow fingers.

My Purpose: I believe that everyone in life serves a purpose. Their function may be accidental, but still, a purpose is always served. Personally, I hope that my purpose is to become an English Literature professor. I have been diligently working towards my goal for years now. I wish to become the sort of professor that communicates with their students in a way that inspires interest and excitement. Many Americans struggle with both reading and writing; thus, their self-esteem suffers. Even if I only make one student feel more confident in their abilities, I have fulfilled my purpose.

My Pursuit: My pursuit is much like my purpose. However, I am also an advocate for women’s rights and for the rights of individuals suffering from mental illness. Both groups need louder voices.

My Position: I am a writer, daughter, girlfriend, friend, and student. Each position I carry out with pride and dedication.

My Pummeling: Procrastination. For example, I began writing this post several hours ago. Instead of finishing immediately, I relaxed, ate dinner, read my favorite blogs, and took a nap. I always finish my tasks. I think sometimes I just like working under pressure and with a deadline. (This post had no deadline.)

My Progress: Is extremely slow. I don’t have a lot of money. Therefore, I financially progress at the rate of a snail. In school, I am very dedicated and do well in all of my classes. However, I am going to keep attending school until I earn my Ph.D. I hope to have it by the time I’m thirty. I won’t beat myself up if I don’t (or so I tell myself).

My Personality: I dislike questions like this one. I always feel like trying to explain my personality is like trying to spear a fish that is swimming in a river during broad daylight. Since the sun is always glistening off the water, I am never sure if I’ll actually spear the fish or just the illusion of its form.

While a few of you were reading this, I snuck up and tapped your shoulder. I announce that the following people have been tagged:

Brown, Suzie, Joanne, Amit, and Christina.

You’re all “It!” Now, it’s your turn to tell us your Seven P’s and what they mean to you.

No tag backs! Ha!

[sticks tongue out]

I welcome Stephen Newton! Check out his blog here.


Joanne said...

These 7 P's are going to take some thoguht to answer. Your P's are inspiring!

Rolando said...

Excellent P's Erina! So ambitious and admirable. Thank you for playing the 7 P's.


Amit Schandillia said...

I read this post and that left me pondering for quite some time. How relevant they sound and how much of sense it makes! I have subscribed to your blog Erina!

But hey, sorry to be asking this (I am so blog-illiterate) but what actually do you mean by tagging someone? Is that a jargon word with something to do at a particular bookmarking site? Please let me know!

Christina said...

Oh boy...I better get busy!!

Erina Hart said...

Thanks for the support everyone! I can’t wait to see all of your Seven P’s :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Erina! Got your tag--just on a deadline right now. But pondering my Ps and planning to answer them this weekend!

Abu Zunnur said...

The 7 P's explained in beautiful words. I'm very much impressed, and you're very close to your "purpose".

Erina Hart said...

Brown, I am excited to see your Seven P’s.

Zunnur, thank you for the compliments. I hope that I do one day fulfill the purpose I described :)

Anonymous said...

Alrighty! I answered the questions--incoherently, as I'm doped up on allergy meds (did I ever mention a severe allergy to dogs and cats?) but answered!

whogivesashitnotme said...

i dont give a shit